Hi Again!

Here we are a month later!
I am not improving with this blog thing. I've thought about giving up, but I wont!
I've started my new job at ZAGG, home of the invisibleSHIELD.
It's been an amazing job so far. I've been there just a little over a month now.
It is exactly the job I have been looking for. I got lucky that is for sure.
The only downside is having to drive from my house to work every morning.
Having to leave an hour early before work is not ideal.
It's going to be a lot better once Trav and I are finally married.
Wedding planning has come to a halt a little bit. Not on purpose, we just got caught up in life.
We need to jump back in. Only a little less than 19 weeks until the big day.
I say it all the time, but I would move it up to tomorrow if I could.
Anyway, I have a new cousin! My uncle Mark and aunt Carly, residents of Oregon, had their second son on February 27th and named him Thomas Sawyer Dunn. He's the most precious.
This is a picture of my uncle and Thomas. My mom got the pleasure of going up there this past week to meet the new edition. I was very jealous.
In other news, Travis has committed to a program for a body transformation!
He has started a new diet and work out routine. Soon, hopefully, I can work up the motivation to follow.
For now, I don't have too much time/energy to be working out.
However, as soon as I come up with a little extra cash I will get a membership and try to start going hopefully at least 3 days a week.
My main motivation is still managing to fit into my wedding dress come June!
I'm stuck in a rut with bridesmaid dresses! I don't know where to go or even look...
If any one has suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!
Happy Saturday.
I'll try not to put too much space in between now and the next time I blog.

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  1. My favorite bridesmaids dresses I've seen at weddings are ones that the bridesmaids can put together themselves. For example, tell them to wear a shade of grey, and then make it pop with a necklace, or cute shoes that are colorful. Once when I was a bridesmaid, we were instructed to wear all black, and then the bride gave us a green ribbon to tie around our waists and a cute bracelet. Just some ideas...