Blabber Mouth.

Now that I have decided to blog more I have run into a wall and have no idea what to blog about.
So until I get into the groove of blogging more, I am afraid to inform my blog may consist of useless rants, and the craze of planning a wedding (I couldn't be more excited).
Coming back to reality after Disneyland and Christmas sucked. Not fun at all.
I am still looking for a new job, still waiting to hear back from eBay and am still working a minimum wage job at subway.
At this point I am basically looking for anything full time and preferably some where up in Salt Lake county.
Everything else in life is AMAZING.
Wedding planning has yet to become stressful, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.
Tomorrow there is a bridal fair in Salt Lake that my mom, myself and Travis are attending. I'm pretty excited  as well as nervous for all the crazy to-be-brides that will be there.
I'm picturing it being something like a black Friday sale, only with wedding dresses, photographers, and flowers.
Thank goodness for all the wedding blogs and websites out there. They have been an awesome help!
I'm also open to any ideas! (especially where to go looking for a dress)
For tonight's adventures it's making a rough draft of the guest list, laser tag, and probably some ice cream.
That's the good life.
Happy Thursday!

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  1. I love weddings. I almost became a wedding planner because they are so much fun. As for advice, I'd say later when planning on registering for gifts, check out listcharming.com -- it's basically brilliant.