Day Two: A Letter To Your Best Friend.

Dear best friend(s), thank you.
I have been so blessed to have you stick by my side. No matter what I get myself, or us into.
I would never trade those moments of sitting on the couch eyes glazed over from watching so much TV, or the days where we just drive every where and any where with no where to go, for anything in the world. 
I'm grateful that we have the same humor, the dumb things I say or laugh at, I know you'll at least pretend to think it's funny. 
You let me vent about boys/school/money/all the above really, and you listen when I really need you to. 
You're exactly what I need in my life, something that I never want to lose. Ever.
I don't know that I could ever say how much you mean to me or even begin to repay you for what you've done for me. You've saved me. 
Kept me sane.
For that, I owe you my life.

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