Day Three: Your First Kiss.

I know my mom is looking forward to reading this post.. Haha.
Okay so it was 7th grade. Thomas Jefferson Jr. High.
He was my 'boyfriend' at the time. Brett. Only the first name so no one looks him and tries to facebook stalk him.
It was right before History class I believe..  Mr. Brennan's.
He walked me up the stairs and gave me hug and all the sudden laid it on me. I was so surprised and I could feel my face turn bright red.
So we said our goodbyes and I walked down the hall to class. Blushing face and all.
My teacher gets up to start class when he all the sudden turns all the attention to me.
"So Alexis I see you have a boyfriend huh?"
My face began to get even more red. I just smiled and put my head down on my desk and Mr. Brennan went on to teach about something I'm sure I've definitely forgotten all about.

Not such an epic story, but something I'll remember forever.
Happy Sunday.

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  1. haha! I will have to tell you about my first kiss someday!!!! Just not on blogland!