Day Four: Your Favorite Memory.

This is a tough one. I have SO many memories that are equally my favorite.
But I'll settle on spring break this past march.
It was my second semester at Snow and Courtney and I decided we wanted to go on a trip with our roommates and some other friends.
We had decided on Saint George since it was close, and Courtney had the hook ups and got us a condo to stay at, for FREE.
We talked to our roommates and the notorious B12 boys.
The decision was made, we were going to head down on Friday and stay till Tuesday.
The group that decided they were going to go on this adventure was myself, Courtney, Amanda, Alex, Adam, and Brandon. The six of us.
Come Friday Amanda, Courtney and I hoped in mama charz and headed south bound to Saint Geezy. We made a quick stop in Beaver at Utah's biggest rocking chair!
Finally after 3-4 hours we had mad it to the land of red rock.
That night we didn't have the condo so we stayed at Courtney's grandma's house. 
The first thing we all wanted to do after we had arrived was scout out a taco bell and get some grub.
Best meal ever really. The cashier gave us all free cinnamon twits! Holla.
We played with her hyper-active dog Jack and watched some WWF and the Iron Giant.
And took some pictures...

Saturday morning is when the boys arrived.
We got to check into the condo around 11 or so. It was a nice condo, tons of beds, and of course the three girls chose the big bed with the flat screen, we spent the rest of that Saturday laying in bed, watching TV and playing TOO many hours of phase ten.
The boys wanted to 'rough' it. So they found a camp ground in Snow Canyon and stayed there, they had a little bit of trouble but enjoyed it I'm sure. You know, boy stuff. 
Sunday rolls around, and we all decided that Vegas is a fun place. Lets go.
Off we were to Sin City on a Sunday (haha)
Alex was kind enough to drive. We got there a little after lunch time, and found a parking lot that seemed like a good 'safe' cheap place to park. Little did we know, it was about 7 miles away from the actual strip. 
I'm not exaggerating at all.
We had to walk through the ghetto suburbs of Las Vegas.
Then we spent more time walking, walking, and yes more walking.
I ended up with blisters, Amanda with a terrible stomach ache, and homeless men following us.
And only ONE picture of all of us together. So ugly.
A very tiring day in the city. 
Monday we dedicated to hiking! The boys let us girls walk around and do things in Vegas so we decided we'd let them take us on a hike in Snow Canyon.
It was beautiful weather for the month or March. I mean I wore shorts. It was awesome.
We chose a 6 mile hike that was called Three Ponds I believe. It lead us to three ponds.. 
However, they were more like puddles. So small. And the whole hike was in the sand. Worst thing ever.
The boys found it amusing to bury me in it. That was fun. 

After our hike we could think of nothing better to do than treat ourselves to taco bell one more time. So good.
We spent our last night in the glorious big bed, I wish I would have taken a picture of it.
Tuesday morning was our time to leave. Saint George treated us well.
We said goodbye to our condo.
And we hit the road again.

Happy Tuesday!

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