Day Nine: Five Items You’d Grab In A Fire.

Hmm, only five? Okay.
One: A pair of shoes.
Two: My computer (has all my pictures on it)
Three: My ipod, can't be without music.
Four: My picture of my Great Gandma Hilbert, Grandma Susan, Aunt Shea and I.
Five: I honestly don't know what the fifth thing would be. I hope I never have to find out.

We made it to Uncle Mark's and Aunt Carly's house today!
Finally. It snowed for most of the day here today. Not too much and none of it is really sticking to the ground.
I hear a good 14 inches back home?! That's insane, I'm glad we're out of it and didn't have to drive in that icky stuff. I'll be happy to see it when we return though. It's practically the Christmas season!
Oh happy day!
Well Happy Sunday!

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