Day Eight: A Letter To Someone That You've Drifted Away From.

There isn't some one I can think of that has drifted out of my life that I miss.
I know that sounds so horrible, but I am so grateful for the people that are in my life now. They mean the world and more to me.
Instead I'll write a letter to Nik and Kaleb, the missionaries that I miss oh so much.

I now realize all those times we shared together that I took for granted. Texting you when I had no one else to talk to, you telling me something ridiculous that happened in your day.
The nights we spend driving to squaw peak, running through the sprinklers, or making fun of any one we can.
I'm humbled by the thought of what you're out there doing for the world and the Lord and of course yourselves.
I just can't wait to have you both back.
I'm equally proud to call both of you my bests friends.

Well, the family and I made it to a place called La Grand, Oregon where we're spending the night in a scary little motel. (it's not TOO bad)
Here's a few pictures from my cell phone!
 First, some rain.
Then, some snow.
After, some sun.
The beautiful bathroom at The Rodeway Inn in La Grand.

Happy Saturday.
More driving tomorrow (!!!)

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