Day Ten: The Hardest Thing You've Had To Do.

I've thought about this for days. And Honestly, I have been so blessed in my life.
There's not one thing that sticks out to me as being hard.
I mean sure, living on your own trying to find a job and provide income for yourself is hard, but essentially those things aren't always going to matter.
I have a loving HUGE family that's my world.
I have some of the greatest friends this world has to offer.
I have had the opportunity to attend elementary, middle, and high school and now even college.
I have the Gospel in my life, and others who surround me.
I could go on.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I'm so very thankful for all that I do have.
I'm so blessed.
Especially for this glorious meal that my Uncle Mark prepared.


Tomorrow we head back home. Oh how I'm not looking forward to that, at all.
Happy Friday!

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