Some Pictures.

What to say about Elder Nikolaus Abbott, He's a wonderful friend, and is going to make an amazing missionary. Two years never seemed so long.
But it's going to be a good two years well spent.

Pictures of My new apartment, it's great and dandy, just one flaw, no ac. I'm praying for winter.
Four new roommates, all nice girls. (thank you)
Courtney and I are sharing a room, it's great.
School started today, it's going to be a load. I am pretty sure I can handle it.
Couple study groups, plus an institute class. Woop woop.
The new library, is amazing, you have no idea. It's gorgeous.
Things are going smoothing so far. I'm enjoying it.
I'm going to Portland so soon, in a week.
I'm estatic. I'm sad it's only for a few days.
Well, happy Wednesday.

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