I love football season, going to games, watching them on tv. Seeing everyone with their spirit and pride for their team.
Plus it's nice to be attending a school that actually wins some games (sorry Lehi).
But Snow doesn't lose. Plus, I mean the players.... Ah, so cute. Cute isn't the right word, but oh well.
The first game of the season was today, man was it hot out.
Courtney, Julie and I only stayed for the first half. Which was two hours long! But when we left it was 50-0.
So it's safe to say they had that one in the bag.
Today is going to be one uneventful Saturday, no real plans. Exciting.
But I'm not really complaining. However I do feel like complaining about how I can't sleep lately.
No air conditioning is definitely the cause. It's so hot at night.
I leave for Portland SO soon. I can't wait.
Baby Sami was born yesterday August 27th, 7lbs and 11oz.
I can't wait to meet her and hold her. Oh and of course be in Oregon. (!!!!)
Happy Saturday!
Oh, and classes are going good so far! A little nervous. But not too bad.

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