Music Video of The Week.

Ahh Regina is so wonderful. I love her music. She's so talented.
And so far the first female I've chosen for the music video of the week.
She's a good one for sure.
You all are lacking in giving me comments. But it's okay.
Just try harder. Haha.

On a more lame note, I have to work 2 pm to 10:30 pm tonight.
Oh and Tomorrow, and Thursday and Friday, yup and Saturday.
Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. This video trips me out.
    No one comments my blog.
    I wish they would.
    Then I could know people care to read it.

    Good choice ;)

  2. not to be a creep, but i'm commenting so this post doesn't look lonely. any post with a regina spektor video shouldn't be lonely. i saw her live last november i think? she is AMAZING.