As my life is continuing to change, I felt I should keep my blog at the same pace as my life.
I've renamed my blog "Him & Her", it's this silly nickname thing Travis and I have adopted, we call each him and her, and it's made really bad habits out of our speech. But it's cute none-the-less.
I also changed the URL to tmeetsa.blogspot.com.
Change is good. Anyway,
The dress is the part of the wedding planning that I have not started yet.
I have no idea where to start. Do I want a ball gown, or a princess dress? Long or short?
I am pretty much open to trying anything on... I do have some images via pinterest that caught my eye.
I would very much appreciate any help with ideas of where to go to try on some dresses! 
Anywhere in the Utah valley.
Happy Wednesday.

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