Getting Around To It.

Oh my goodness, almost a WHOLE MONTH without blogging.
I am ashamed. I just haven't had the time or anything to blog about...
I mean, I've done a lot.
November has come and gone.
It was a wonderful month. Thanksgiving was amazing.
Food was wonderful, and of course I overate.
Travis and I were able to make it to dinner with my family as well as his. (so technically I double-overate)
Family time is always good time.
I also had my very first black Friday shopping experience ever.
It was a successful night, Travis got loads of movies and I bought his Christmas present (and already gave it to him) haha, it's a camera and he's going to use it for Disneyland, that's my excuse!
I'm still working at subway, currently looking for another job. I need to find a decent paying job with at least 30 hours a week.
Any suggestions? And possibly in salt lake county or in north utah county.
Also I'm working on getting into school at SLCC. I know, I know. I've waited a very long time to get registered and everything. But I will get there.
Exciting news, I am off my driving probation on December 5th!
And even more exciting, Disneyland is just around the corner! Oh I am so excited.
I have a feeling that this month is going to me a wonderful one!
I am wanting to make homemade Christmas gifts, and I am looking for some creative and cute ideas, so if any one has some ideas please don't hold back!
I will leave you with some pictures...
(Instagram is probably the best app the iPhone can have, I'm addicted)
Happy Friday!

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