Scary Kids, Scaring Kids.

Alright so Travis has this game he likes to play. Keep in mind I don't willingly play this game. It's never my choice.
So Travis lives in an apartment, two bedrooms, one bath, you know, big enough for him.
Anyway, we spend a good amount of time there watching movies, hanging out with his friends, and what not.. Most of these activities take place when it's later in the evening.
Well when I go to use the restroom Travis will turn off all of the lights in his place and hide.
So I come out of the bathroom all disoriented because I can't see anything and he doesn't answer when I talk to him.
This is his game that he thinks is fun.
Well the most recent time we've played this game I poked my head out of the bathroom to make sure the coast was clear and then made a clear shot to his room where I thought he was hiding in the closet.
So I jump away from the closet and right onto his bed. Little did I know was that he was on his bed hiding underneath some blankets.
Needless to say, my elbow meet his eye and resulted in almost immediate swelling and a gnarly black eye.
So now every where we go we get to tell the story all over again. Or we decide to make one up.
But poor Trav I feel bad. Mostly now because it looks like he is wearing really tacky blue eye shadow and maroon liner, and only on one eye.
Happy Thursday!

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