Here, There, Everywhere.

SORRY!  I haven't blogged in so so so SO long. All I can do is apologize really.
Oh well, you know I've been incredibly busy doing things.
Some times a lot of things, and some times, no-things...
To update real quick, Travis and I purchased some pets.
Two Rats, Dejii and Zues as well as a fish, Sr. Stinguish. We love them.
We felt like since Travis can't have a dog at his place, we'd find an alternative. And so we have it.
I'm not attending school this semester. For a couple reasons.
Last minute decision to not attend UVU and attend SLCC instead. And then not getting my transcript sent over in time.
Also not saving enough money for tuition quite yet.
I played a lot this summer and it's been incredibly rewarding.
Not really much has changed other than those two things in my life.
I'm still just taking the days as they come and enjoying every moment.
I think I'm going to get some sleep. It's something I don't get often anymore. (my own choice haha)
I promise to try and blog more.
Can you believe summer is almost over, bitter sweet.
Happy Tuesday!

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