Wants Needs and Other Things.

First just let me say that I'm done at vivint. Just got home from working my last shift.
It feels good. And the scary thing is that the reason it feels so good is because now I can just have me time.
Summer time. It's finally summer for real. I can go out in the sunshine every day and just act immature.
Sounds like a blast doesn't it?
Now all the thoughts that are floating around in my head are about all the things I want to do in this period of time where I am unemployed.
This list consists of things such as:
-Have a 'couple barbecue night' with my closest friends and their dates.
-Eat my weight in snow cones, or at least flavored corn syrup.
-Get a sunburn/tan.
-Go to seven peaks with my siblings and my friends and their siblings.
-Smell of sunscreen and chlorine.
-Spend some more time with Travis.
-Run through the sprinklers at night.
-Obtain more freckles.
-Go boating.
-Spend time at the park.
-Eat, eat and eat.
These are the most important of the things I would like to get done.
I'm sure I'll come up with others.
Any who. I would like to hear about your summer.  Any fun activities you have done?
Happy Friday!

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