Codes & Keys.

Yum yum yum, Death Cab For Cutie's new album Codes and Keys is so wonderful.
It's been on replay for the past week on my ipod.
It's so good I can't even choose a favorite song.
But I am going to post a couple of my most favorite songs on here...

The album is still pretty new so they don't have many of the songs made into music videos yet.
But mmm, if you like these songs you will love the album.
Soooooo gooood.
Any who, I'm still sick.
I did however go into work yesterday. And I made it through!
Even though every customer I talked to was like "do you have a cold?" Haha apparently it's just that obvious.
But yet I still have to work. Oh well.
Two more shifts left to work at Vivint. Today and tomorrow.
Hopefully my cold is gone by the weekend.
Family is coming in to town today! From my favorite place, Oregon.
Oh and you know what tomorrow should be? The day I leave for Lake Powell.
But unfortunately it's not happenin' this year. I'm sad but I'll get over it.
Well, happy Thursday!

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  1. that album is sooo good! i fall asleep to it every night :)
    i know the tickets were expensive but i think i need to talk you into going to their show with me haha