For Realsies.

People who follow my blog. I need you.
Now more than ever.
Is the suspense killing you for what I'm about to say?
It shouldn't be, cause it's not that great.
But any who, I need a job.
Seriously, so badly. I need help finding one.
The days are number now and I'm desperate.
So suggestions are wanted.
I hate this new schedule I'm working now. 5:30 to 11:30. IIIIIIIIICK.
Anyway, please please please help me!
And since I can, here's a picture of myself taken yesterday via webcam!
Happy Thursday! (Friday is my day off, whoop whoop)


  1. i really can't think of anything on how to help you. BUT you look lovely in that picture. just sayin!

  2. i wish i knew of something magical to help you. unfortunately i am in the same rut. boo.