Not So Productive.

So check this out, BEFORE:

and AFTER:

Pretty cool right? This week has been the worst as far as motivation and productivity goes.
Oh and it should be no surprise what I did Monday night when I was "doing homework".

Haha, yup. I did get my homework done though, so no need to worry. 
You should worry about how I have a biology test tomorrow and I still feel like it's in German.
Any one want to tutor me? 
Friday after 11:30 I will officially be on spring break. Oh that sounds fabulous. 
Where will I be spending it? My parent's house. WOOOOOOOO  (I hope you can taste the sarcasm, sorry ma, but I really wanted to go somewhere, california, portland) 
Well happy Wednesday all.


  1. i love love love love love love your hair.
    in case you were wondering...
    oh and i love the picture icon you have for my blog.
    you are the best.
    you and my brother should get together.

  2. Whats your brother like Sarah???? As her mother, I have to pre screen! Love you LEX and what could be more fun than a weekend home with your brothers????

  3. biology is the biggest evil there is out there. i think i'd prefer german to biology anyday. even when i think i get it, i don't! its awful. also if you're looking to spice up your spring break, i do have a karaoke machine that provides all sorts of fun. i find singing out of tune helps the soul :)

  4. he is a good mormon boy, went on a mission.
    has very good taste in music.
    likes kids?
    do i need to say more?
    ha ha ha.

  5. Sara: My mom will love everything you just said, especially the first.. haha.
    Mom: I love you! And I'm happy I get to spend it at home.
    Jenn: YES YES a thousand times yes. I love karaoke. It's on.

  6. So Lex!!! Go out on a date with Sarah's brother!!!