I'm Considering..

Dumping apple and picking up on a zune.
I feel like apple is getting a huge ego, and zune is looking attractive on the other side of the fence...


  1. Do it! I love my ZuneHD! Plus the Zune Marketplace I think is a lot better than iTunes. I hate iTunes. They're still a little behind on their music availability, but they're getting better.

    Plus, all the apps for the HD are free for now :) That's happy :) They don't have a lot of apps out yet, but again, they're getting better.

    If you buy a Zune, get it from Best Buy and get that 2 year product coverage - sometimes the batteries won't hold the charge after a little while - nothing Apple hasn't done to me already. I could be really biased because I don't care about Apple at all, but those are just my thoughts.