This week of nothing has been one of the best things. I needed it so much.
And I really don't want to say good bye to spending too much time on netflix, and sleeping till whenever I want.
Or seeing my siblings everyday, and even doing chores.
It'll be hard to say hello again to math, biology, really those are the only two that I don't miss.
The others I'm okay with. School, why must we hate each other so?

Anyway, my parents and I have decided that next fall semester I will be attending UVU (!!!!)
So that means moving back home! Yes, I'm excited. Mostly because it means change, no more Ephraim, no more roommates, more family time, and hopefully a job!
I can't wait. But I'm mostly craving summer. I so very badly want a sunburn. My skin wants its color back.

I have some pictures from one of my (boring) adventures this week. I cleaned my soon to be room!
These were the before, oh and this is currently Hayden's room, not for long though, sorry boog!
Granted, a lot of the mess was my own... However the things I found under the bed were not mine.
I mean, a walking stick?! Come on. 
I did find this adorable photo of Hayden when he was one or so.. He used to be so cute, and quiet...
Finally I made some progress,
I was able to make some space on the bookshelf for me too! Exciting right?! I love having a clean room.
Oh and notice the gorgeous quilt on my bed that my amazing mother made,
She is so talented! She also taught me how to bind quilts! This one was more difficult because of all the corners but I did it! It's a really gorgeous quilt.
Then some miscellaneous pictures...
I eventually got bored of cleaning...
My current favorite color, and nail polish.
Then I harassed him with the camera. It was a good Thursday.
OH and I saw The Adjustment Bureau with Courtney, Hannah, Julie and Aleesha, I was very disappointed.
I didn't care for the movie at all. I had such high expectations.
Well, that's all for now.
Happy Saturday!

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