Day 3 - A Photo That Makes You Happy.

Okay, so this picture was taking in 2009, when my mom's work party was up at snowbird and my sister and I got to bring friends, so I took Courtney and Mallory took Kaytee. It was a blast. I don't think we've ever looked so happy in a photo.

Last night was, um, cold? Yeah. Courtney and I decided to go hot tubbing over at Adam's with him and his roommates... That was a mistake.
First of all, the hot tub was not hot it was more rather, a warm tub.
As soon as all of us get in we all realize that at one point or another we're going to have to get out.
And now we're all dreading it. So we sit there and talk and throw snow and whatever and before you know it, we all are covered in ice, our hair, eyelashes, ears, clothes, towels, shoes, everything.
This was not a pleasant experience.
Happy Thursday.

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