Day 2 - A Photo of You From a Year Ago.

It's crazy how fast time flies. This sure does not feel like it was a year ago..

Today was the second day of the new semester! And it went MUCH better than yesterday, thankfully.
Math, oh my, I hope I can keep up. Intro to mass media seems like it should keep my interest. At least I'm hoping.
Oh and the best news, Wednesdays I will only have Intro to mass media! My math class is every day of the week except Wednesday! We had class just today so the teacher had extra time to review.
But that's going to be so nice.
My Wednesdays wont start until 1:30 pm. Mmmmm, heaven.
On another note would you like to see what Ephraim looks like right now?!

SO, snowy...
Happy Wednesday.

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