Lifted Up.

This weekend was Ephraim's Young Single Adult 2nd Stake's conference.
The least I can say was it was absolutely full of the spirit. The topic was temples.
Our stake theme this year comes from Isaiah 2:2-5. "Let us go up to the mountain of the Lord".
Both meetings on Saturday and Sunday were full of inspiring words.
Brother Pinegar said "when in doubt, listen to the blessings given upon you. Righteousness is all that is required."
They stressed how we all as youth need to strive to be temple worthy. It is true. We owe it all to ourselves.
I know I will never sell myself short.
"The temple gives us the power to rise above those who destroy us."

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  1. Beautiful Alexis. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I love you and am proud of the young lady you have become.