Long Work Day.

Today, of all days, I had the worst luck. I slept wonderful after my first day of work.
Woke up around noon, which was wonderful. Ate some frosted flakes, and right as I was about to shower and get ready for work, the power went out.
I waited for a solid 45 minutes for it to come back. Finally with 15 before I had to leave it came on.
This was not enough time to shower, so I washed my hair in the sink and quickly blow-dried it and hopped in my car.
Work was fine, the usual, long, boring, however, I am making serious progess in my reading! (go me)
Finally my dinner break came around at 6:15, I made my way to the break room, pulled out my cup-o-noodles and turned the sink on and began to fill it with warm water.. Only to discover it had a hole in it!! Ugh, I hadn't eaten since noon and I was starving with nothing to eat. I was not very happy.
But after work my mom treated me to a big mac. She already knows how much I love her. Especially for the little things like that.

The one negative note, besides those, that I have for today is that I need to have more patience with people who have strong accents. I find it very difficult and frustrating trying to talk with them over the phone.
In time I'll become better I hope.
Tomorrow was supposed to be my day off, but I have had it changed to Thursday.
So I can't wait for Thursday.
Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!