Thursday's Excitement.

This is Thunder.
We stumbled across him/her while on our way back to our apartment.
A neighbor girl was panicking that some boy came and dropped off a ferret and ran away and the was ferret was still in her apartment.
So of course I went in and picked the cute thing up.
Oh boy did I regret that.
That thing smells worse than most things. Seriously.
We had our fun with it, made Ali scream like a little girl.
Then the B12 boys decided to keep, at least for now.
They named it Thunder, fed him chicken and Alex had fun running around and having thunder follow behind. (so cute)
Gentry growled at Thunder and didn't like the way he smelt.
Thunder liked Courtney and I so much that it came up on the couch and sat by us, then it decided to burrow into the couch, literally inside the couch.
Luckily Thunder is safe and came out of the couch.
I'm glad that the boys decided keep Thunder, because I don't need my apartment smelling like ferret, ever.
Sadly, this was the most exciting thing that happened all day, maybe even all week.
Ahhhh, Ephraim.

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