Best Day Ever.

As I'm sitting in Business Law today, my teacher goes to wrap up the class and starts getting all emotional saying that we've been one of his greatest classes and he had such a great semester with us. I thought he was going to start to cry. (I hate all this mushy sentimental stuff) He says sense we've been such a great class he's going to let us write an essay for part of the final exam. I'm thinking that this is not a reward. At all. However not a big deal because we get points for just doing it.
Then, he pulls out the final exams (the final isn't until next friday) and puts them on the desk in the front of the class and says "take one of these and make sure it's in my office no later than 7 am Friday morning".
My heart stopped. Best day ever.
A take-home final exam. Holla.

Plus it's raining. And Friday.
This day just keeps getting better and better.

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