Spring Break 2010

Hit the road to St. George with Courtney and Amanda.

Stopped in Beaver to get a picture on Utah's biggest rocking chair.

Watched WWE and The Iron Giant.

Made a stop in Vegas for a day.

Courtney and I at M&M World.

The only photo with the whole group in it. (not so cute)

Courtney, Amanda, and I.

At Ceasar's Palace.

Snow Canyon was beautiful.

Had an awesome condo to stay at.

Hit the road again for Ephraim and home.

Hannah and I found killer clothes at Savers.

We look good, we know.

Had some marvelous drinks.

Stopped for some pictures.

Attempted to get a good/graceful jumping picture. Fail.

Sp happy spring is finally here.

Sat on some benches, bricks, and grass.

All in all, I had a magnificent spring break.

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