The Seven Circles.


1. What's your name: Alexis Shea Bernards
2. How tall are you: around 5'6"
3. What color are your eyes: Green/blue/yellow-ish
4. What color is your hair: currenty red
5. Are you Male or Female: Female
6. What is your best feature (physically): My eyes
7. What's your shoe size: 8
8. Glasses, yes or no: yes
9. Did you ever have braces: yeah, sadly
10. On a typical day you are wearing: jeans and a shirt
11. When you go to bed you're wearing: shorts and a tank top
12. work out/exercise about how often: hardly ever


1. Name five of your favorite bands: the yeah yeah yeahs, blink-182, the beatles, taking back sunday and dashboard confessional
2. Name five of your favorite singers: Oh my, I can't even choose.
3. Name three songs you are currently playing nonstop: drop it low - ester dean, knock-out - lil wayne, little secrets - passion pit.
4. When you're driving, what are the preset stations on your radio: 89.1, my ipod plays through it.
5. What's the last CD you bought: Oh heck, the yaks.
6. Was the last CD you burned an actual CD or a mix: Oh, ninth grade. Haha, can't remember sadly.
7. Name one song/band/singer you're embarrassed to like but do: None, but I guess, playradioplay or mayday parade.
8. If you could only attend one concert ever again, it would be: Mayday Parade, the Zac took me too.
9. Name one band/singer you absoulutely can't stand: Panic! at the disco. Eeew.
10. Name a group you use to like but feel you've grown out of: Paramore.


1. Name your favorite actor: Jim Carrey or Morgan Freeman.
2. Name your favorite actress: I love Meryl Streep.
3. Name your favorite television show right now: Silent Library.
4. Name five really cool movies you've recently seen: Law abiding citizen, the proposal, batman w/ the riddler, the great mouse detective, and hot rod. (those are just great ones that I've recently watched)
5. Your favorite canceled television show: Gilmore girls.
7. Name one movie you wish you hadn't wasted time/money on recently: Couples retreat.
8. You would never watch a movie with: Satan.
9. Favorite candy/food to watch movies with: Swedish fish, hannah is pro at movie candy!
10. Three favorite tv channels: Sadly, mtv, spike, and usa.
11. Favorite reality show: Dog the bounty hunter! That's reality, right?
12. Favorite character on a reality show: Dog!!

(Write the first word/thing/person that comes into your head when you read this word:)

1. coffee: Beans
2. dog: Nose
3. slut: Ugh
4. candy: Skittles
5. pole: Fire
6. ocean: Blue
7. brave: Courage
8. loving: Long
9. cookie: Sugar
10. death: Life
11. life: Light
12. child: Sticky

(bold the one you prefer)

1. Ten guilty men go free OR One innocent man goes to jail for life
2. Eaten by a lion OR Eaten by thousands of small insects
3. A life of contentment without love OR A life with love and heartache
4. Skydiving from a plane OR Bungee jumping off a bridge(neither really)
6. No television OR No music
7. No more pizza, ever OR No more chocolate, ever
8. A trip to Europe OR a trip to Hawaii
9. An hour with your future soul mate OR An hour with a lost loved one
10. No longer being able to cry OR No longer being able to feel the need to cry
11. Sex without love OR love without sex
12. Loving someone who doesn't love you OR being loved by someone you don't love


1. Are you currently in a relationship: Nope
2. Are you currently looking/interested in someone: Ish, not really.
3. How many times have you been "in love": Not once.
4. Looking back, how do you feel about that person(s) now: I don't.
5. Name three things (physically) you look for in someone: Eyes, lips, height.
6. Name three things (mentally/emotionally) you look for in someone: Funny, Brave, truthful.
7. Biggest turn offs include: Lying.
8. Your ideal date would be: Trey songz!!!
9. You want to get married, where, when, how: Possibly, and I don't really know.
10. Does anyone have feelings for you right now that you don't return: No, I don't think so.

(of your friends, who would you say is:)

1. The one you immediately go to with a problem: Courtney
2. The most rational: Hannah
3. The funniest: Larissa
4. The one you spend the most time on the phone with: Nik
5. The craziest (but in a good way): Courtney
6. The most honest: Nik
7. The purest: All of my closest friends really.
8. The smartest: All.
9. The most athletic: Amanda
10. The most compassionate: Most all
11. The one most likely to get thrown in jail and why: Not sure.
12. The last one that said "I love you": Daniel.

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  1. Dang! GURRRLL!
    the last CD you legally bought was the Yaks?
    oh dear. dear. dear.
    at least it was a good purchase :)