I'm assuming most all my "followers" are women, so I hope it's okay to say,

This past week has been nothing but a headache.
I'm trying to figure plans for spring break,
Write a speech,
Deal with drama that I thought I got rid of,
And so many other things that I can't think of right now.
I'm happy I can't find anything else to complain about.

Spring break is coming up finally.
I've got half of it planned.
Friday night [a week from tomorrow !!!!!!! (digital excitement)]
Myself, Courtney, Amanda, Ali, Alex, Adam, and Brandon will head down to St. George!
We'll be there til Tuesday. In a condo!
We plan to visit Zions, and Vegas.
It's going to be a great trip! I can hardly wait.
However, it's been a nightmare to plan, I have never planned a trip before.
I never knew how much attention you had to pay to every little detail, I just wanted to wing it.
The only downside of it is the money. I'm not excited. We're trying to go as cheap as possible.
But gas is what is going to kill us.

But oh well.
It's the memories that we're making that'll make it all worth it.

I'll be home on Tuesday night some time, to spend the rest of the vacation with my family and friends in lehi/saratoga.
This break is much needed. I wish I could go some where like Hawaii, but we'll save that for when I'm rich :)

School is such a pain in the butt right now.
But I'm working through it.
My hardest class is by far public speaking, I can't get over my nerves.
I'm not in control when I get in front of a group and try to speak, and I don't like that in the least bit.
Math isn't as hard as I had thought it to be, yeah I'm only in 970 but I have never learned so much in my life and kept it stored in my brain til now.
Charity Hyer, my teacher is wonderful. I would hire her to be my teacher for all my math classes, she's THAT good.
Fit for life has surprisingly become my favorite class, only because it's the easiest. Haha.
Music Theory puts me to sleep. It doesn't help that my teacher doesn't like me one bit, I don't like her either. We share that common attitude.
Business Law is killing me. It's all vocabulary, and remembering this, and memorizing the rules for that. And I have still yet to perfect my reading habits. Ha, I don't know that'll ever happen though.

I miss my family a lot lately. It doesn't help that I haven't been home since my birthday, which feels like eternity. Everytime I talk to my mom about my new living situation next semester (Courtney and I found a great new plalce, and get this we'll have 6 other girls, not including ourselves for roommates.) my mom never fails to ask "you're sure you want to go back to snow next semester?" I would love to stay at home and go to school at UVU, but I am so happy that I chose to come to Snow with Courtney. It's been a wonderful experience moving out, and getting away from the things that weren't important in my life. I've grown a lot since being down here, and learned even more. I teasure those that I have met down here and gotten to know. There's still people that I'm close to back at home, but only those that mean the most and whom I want to be there throughout my whole life.
As much as I miss my mom, siblings, Hannah, Nik, Josh, and Kaleb, I love it down here at Snow.

I can't wait to hug all my family this weekend, even though I know my brothers will fight it. It's going to happen.

This is a longer post than I expected it to be.
Oh well.

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