I know it's been quite a while since I've posted a blog.
But now seems like the perfect time to sit down and try my best to spill my thoughts.

I am struggling.
Mostly with finding happiness.
Sure I am happy with my friends, school and the regular routine.
But something is missing.
Someone is missing.

I hate to even admit this.
I want a boy. I want someone to hold my hand.
Someone I can kiss on the cheek.
Someone to nap with.
Someone to be my best friend.
Someone to make me laugh till I cry.
Someone that will want to spend all his time with me.
Someone who's looking for more than just a late night booty call.
Someone who is looking for what I'm looking for.
Someone that will let me cook him lunch.
Someone to watch football with.
Someone who will surprise me by coming over just to say hi.
Am I asking too much.
I think I am..


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