Dress shopping went very quickly and effortlessly. I have picked out a dress!
It was literally a dress that was being cleaned out of the dressing room I was going to use and just ask the lady if she could leave that one.
It is a gorgeous dress! It does need some alterations which makes me nervous to envision what the final product may look like,  so I may still look around at some places to see if I find something I love that needs no add ons.
Hopefully no harm will come from looking.
We've been looking into photographers lately and we have one in mind, so I will keep you posted how that goes.
I've been on pinterest like crazy lately, looking at mostly flowers, these are things I like!
We have the venue booked, the cater picked, the colors decided, and invitations soon to be made!
I'd like to think we are pretty awesome at wedding planning so far.
Even though we have many other things to plan, we still know we have to wait about 6 more months till we can be Mr. & Mrs. It will be worth the wait I know.
In the mean time, I am still looking for a job in Salt Lake.. I am getting desperate.
So keep your ears open for me!
Also any wedding decoration ideas you have please share!
It's going to be a long weekend of nothing but working night and not seeing him. (lame)
Happy Thursday!

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