I'm sorry I haven't blogged in ages, I just feel I have nothing to blog about, nothing 'blog worthy'.
Plus I hardly have free time and when I do I don't sit down to the computer.
So lately:
I've been working at subway.
I've been going to church every Sunday and playing in nursery.
I've been to seven peaks and laser tagging.
I've been to a couple BBQ's and late night dinners at weird places.
I've been hanging out with my boyfriend and seeing my family as much as I can.
And I've been watching a lot of Bones. I'm addicted.
Even though I feel like I've done a lot, there's still a lot I feel that I need to do.
Such as:
Write all my missionaries back.
Register for classes that start in August...
Clean my room.
Do my laundry.
Hang out with Hannah, Aleesha, and Courtney some more.
And spend more time with my siblings.
But right now all I want to do is sit here and watch another episode of Bones.
Even though I should be more productive than that.
But hey, I have the next two days off, I'll be productive then...
Happy Sunday!
Ps, how's everyone's summer?

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