Remember To Forget.

I'm overwhelmed with everything it feels like right now.
I sound dramatic, which I'm sure is what I'm being.
But work feels like a huge load. Especially now that they have decided to cut my shift out and want me to work a 4-10 ish one.
Yes, it's only 30 minutes later than I work now, but I would work it weekends too.
Therefore cutting out all the time that keeps me sane.
Also I'm not digging driving to Provo every single day. I hate filling up my gas tank every 5-6 days.
Maybe I'm being a brat, but I don't feel like settling.
So I've went out job searching today. There's nothing that makes me feel less successful.
All you hear is "we aren't hiring now but we can take your resume", which makes me assume that once they walk   in the back with my resume they may as well be dropping it in the trash.
Or you get "you have to apply online". Eew I hate that.
I'm trying to remain positive. It's a tad difficult when you are a grump like me.
Believe it or not there are things that I am happy about.
When i do get to see my friends I'm seriously enjoying that time. Going to chili's, getting slurpees, watching movies, playing baseball, eating food, watching movies. All of it.
More sadness, it's looking like my annual lake Powell trip with my dad may not be happening.
Not ideal. I need a vacation. So much.
Thanks for listening to this boring rant.
And one more cool picture. Zombie Mario and crew anyone?

Well, happy Thursday!

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