I've had a good couple of days this past week.
Even WITH working, I know right.
I got to make cookies with Amelia and Jen and Courtney, and when I say that I mean we all watched Amelia make them! They were very tasty though.
I got to hang out with Keith!
I also got to see Travis, we went and got some mexican food, and went to the planetarium, it was so fun.
Spent some more time with Courtney and Amelia at church.
And in between all of that, I was at work.
I'm getting used to this routine whether I enjoy it or not.
I feel like I've been away from snow for forever really.
When in all reality it's only been two weeks...
But you do what ya gotta do.
Happy Sunday!
I'll blog again when I feel I have something interesting to say I promise!

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