Nonsense Things.

So I had work orientation today. I arrived 20 minutes early, which is an improvement from my interview..
Anyway, it started at 9, and I didn't get to leave until 2:20ish. I was scheduled to be done at 12. It was not fun.
It took forever for everyone to get finger printed. So that was my adventure for the day.
I feel like Vivint is going to be a great place to work though, I like it already.
For the rest of the week I have training from 11 to 3. Hopefully that stays on schedule.
Oh, last night I made some treats, (I know I said I'd go on a diet starting May 1st but I'll get there)
I mean, I could never pass up red velvet cupcakes. And I made homemade frosting.
It didn't turn out quite how I wanted but they are soooo tasty.
I'm serious about the whole diet thing... I'm cutting out all carbonation. But I don't know where else to go from there. So I'd appreciate ideas if you have any that you've tried and liked?! 
Hmm, that's my shpill for now.
Happy Monday!

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