It's Official.

I'm starting a journal.
Yeah a blog is like a journal. But sadly I don't feel like this is where I can leave all of my thoughts.
Plus the things I would write in a journal won't make sense most likely.
It's going to be a journal filled with sentence fragments and misspelled words and best of all bad punctuation.
Journals are private and I find comfort in that. I've done the whole routine once before.
But I was fourteen and SO emotional. It was bad; funny to read now though.
So now I need to buy one, or make one?
I would love to hear ideas, or your experience with journals.
Happy Sunday.

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  1. I have a private blog where I journal. I love it because I load pictures, make links to things I like, put in songs I'm listening too at the time, and I'm on the computer so often, that I write in it more and it's faster since it's typing not writing. I've had it for three years now and it was worked out lovely!