This week has been a blur. It's been long, and I've been around. To class, to boy's apartments, to my bed, to walmart, to church, you know, around.
It's been a mix of weather, warm, cold, snowy, rainy, and sunny. It is far too up and down, and frankly it's playing with my emotions and taking a toll on me. But soon, I'll be happy but complaining about how hot it is, and miserable. I just find the worst out of most things, I don't typically like that.
Another thing I don't like is the self inflicted headaches, and dizziness that the stress of finals are causing me to have.
I'm not okay with this feeling. I feel so over-whelmed with classes. I just hope I can pass all of them.
I don't like letting myself down, let alone my parents. Disappointment is the worst punishment.
It feels like there's this mountain in front of me that I just can't get past, it feels impossible.
Do you ever grow impatient? I'm impatient with a lot of things now-a-days.
Roommates, school, life, boys, you name it.
Sometimes I feel like it would just be nice to know what I'm supposed to do with my life, where to go. All that jazz.
I'm losing sight of the journey, of the fun.
My fingers are crossed that the summer will bring all of it back to me, all the happiness.
Anyway enough with all of those boring thoughts.
Tomorrow I will get to go home to see my ma and sister! (I heard the boys won't be home)
I'm most certainly looking forward to all of this. It means some mommy-daughter time. And maybe some shopping?! At least I can dream.
That's one thing I'm looking forward to for sure.
The other you ask? The new Office episode tonight!
Well, that's all I have for now.
Happy Thursday.

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