My words can't even begin to tell you the relief I feel right now.
I'm done with my fourth semester of college. Done with the finals, homework, papers, and projects.
The best news of all, I passed my biology final, and more than likely the class.
You have no idea the weight this has lifted off of me.
I feel like I am capable of anything right here in this moment.
As I look around me I realize how blessed I am.
I'm grateful for every little atom, molecule, particle, in my life.
I haven't felt this much happiness in a long time. 
I hope that it's only a glimpse of what summer is going to be like.
I feel free. Light. High even. (not a drug reference)
From this current moment I have no cares or worries, even priorities until Monday that is.
But for now, I'm happy, and I plan on being lazy for these next few days.
I've grown so much from my experiences down here in Ephraim. 
Maybe eventually I'll miss it, maybe the people, the professors, the campus; but for now I'm ready to go.
Tomorrow I pack up and head out. 
Happy Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

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