I have not sat down to say anything that's going on in my life in a very, very long time. I apologize.
I just haven't had the energy/patience and I do not want to bore anyone.
Nothing out of the ordinary or even remotely exciting has happened.
I feel I'm growing more and more impatient with everything and everyone lately. I'm not sure that I care either.
It does worry me that I'm not worried however.
School weeks vary from short and a breeze to long and excruciating. (I seriously just spelled that right, wow)
Biology is still winning, and math has recently come out on top. I'm praying for C's. Leave it to me to not aim to over-achieve, but aim to achieve.
Like the great Courtney M. Thomas once said, "D's get degrees".
Symphony to my ears.
See, this is why I'm worried. I talk myself into believing that average is fine.
Hmmph, I think I'll get past this... At least I've got my fingers crossed.
Summer is coming. It's taking it's time, but I know that once it's hear it'll be worth the wait. And I'll love it.
And probably, more than likely complain when I'm driving mama charz and got 'swack' cause of the lack of A.C.
Summer is good, summer is love. Summer is hot, and free. And it's all I'll ever need.
I realize this is nothing really about my life as I know it now.
But it's all the loose things floating around in my brain that of course may never make sense to anyone.
But it's all I have.
So here's some pictures, cause I like those ya know.
Happy Tuesday, it's currently one of those long weeks..
I really miss my family. I think that's what it is.

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  1. I sounds like you need a hug from your mommy and some oatmeal cookies! xoxo