Day 27 - A Photo of Last Summer.

So I decided I don't want to post just one. 
So I went through all my albums from summer and chose a couple pictures.
I'm such a brat. 

We run this town.

Lake Powell, can't wait for this summer's trip!

My hair was soooo red and I loved it.

Then I went dark... And haven't been back since. Should I go back?

Mini road trip to Nephi and some slurpees (red white and blue, totally patriotic).

Henna tattoos with Courtney.

Lord Tobias, may he rest in peace.


Water park with Larissa.

I used to be so tan, winter you've sucked all the color I ever had out of skin.. Thanks.

Crotch's farewell. His birthday is soon!

We're so cute.

Played with wave runners all day. So fun.

Scott has a sweating problem..

Red hair supposed to be pink.

Hannah's 20th circus themed birthday party.
Summer was the best. Not the best ever, but I love the way it feels.
I want the warmth again, It's pretty warm outside, I'm happy about that.
Happy Monday!

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