Day 25 - A Night You Loved.

December 3, 2010.
Keith took me out to dinner at the training table (our favorite) and then to a Jazz game.
And yes we sat this close, 5th row. 
It was a good game, even though they lost.
I'm pretty sure I'm bad luck, but oh well.
This was a great night and I truly loved it.

Headed home in a few hours. It's Hayden's baptism tomorrow.
I can't believe he's 8. I still remember when I was the only one who could understand his jibberish and would have to translate for my mom. 
He's such a smart boy. I love him.
And you all know what Sunday is. Oh yeah!
I'm still unsure about my superbowl plans. 
But I'm hoping I'll at least end up at a party, somewhere.
Go Steelers! 
Want to know something awesome?
Ah it feels amazing.
On that note, happy Friday, it's happy for me.
Oh and p.s. I figured out why my blog countdown is that way...
So no worries it's right.

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