Birthday Bliss.

Well my birthday was this past Thursday, so from that day until Sunday was full of parties, cake, and family/friends.
Actually it started Wednesday. My roommates and I held a party at our apartment, played just dance, ate some cake and ice cream, and had a great time. Shout out to Amelia and Jenn for coming! (and giving the best presents ever)
Thursday, went to class and all that exciting stuff, then Keith came down and picked me up and we went out to eat and spent the day together. It was really great. He also got me the perfume I wanted an flowers. (the best)
Friday, I spent most of the day with Hannah, she threw me a wonderful girl friend party in Lehi. Hannah and her mom Susie are the greatest. (Hannah got me a book, and KATY PERRY TICKETS, I love her) Thank you Hannah and Susie SO much.
Saturday, I spent the morning/afternoon with Keith, we went to the training table and then shopping later at the mall, and watched a movie at his house. After that I went to dinner with my dad and family and my grandparents to Chili's it was wonderful. But then the waiters came and sang to me. (my dad gave me money, and my grandparents gave me a gift card to my favorite place!)
Sunday, I had spent the night at my dad's so we had a delicious breakfast that morning then went back to my house, showered, then went to lunch with my grandparents and great grandparents at the Olive Garden! It was delicious (great grandparents gave me some money) Then after I came home and had another party with my parents, uncle mark, and more grandparents, ate some pizza and MORE cake. (grandparents gave me a gift card, parents gave me a new phone, some money, and some clothes!)
OKAY, so I got spoiled this birthday! And I can honestly say it was the best birthday I've had yet! So great! 
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. just for the record, we had a lot of fun. and i'm really glad you had a swell birthday weekend:)