Webcam Fun.

So today, rather boring. Can I just say that this week is going by UBER slow. (google chrome says that's not a word... I strongly disagree) I'm sure that it's only going slow because of Christmas in two, TWO days.
Did you catch that? TWO.
I broke out the webcam today, yes it's not attached to my laptop like it is to most new computers, what were you thinking ma?
Any way, no big, it plugs in and works fine.
So here are the results....

Then Courtney stopped by and gave me this wonderful, early Christmas present...

Taking webcam pictures of this book, does not do it justice, and for the record isn't exactly the easiest thing I've done all day.
Happy Wednesday.


  1. I want this book! Where did you get it?

  2. Courtney got it at barnes & noble I believe...