So, I got incredibly bored and had a ton of time to kill.
So, I made some pictures for links to other blogs I happen to follow, and love.
I didn't make them for all the blogs that I read however, so your job is to leave a comment here, if you'd like to have a link of your own on my page.
I would love to put more up!

And just in case you have forgotten, or lost sight of what Christmas is all about Linus will let you know.


  1. Oh, pick me!! If you want... you totally don't have to if you don't want to ;)

  2. Love your thoughts & the beauty here on your blog.
    and the bonus is your music. I leave it on while working!

    Love ya Lex! Hope to see you soon.

  3. oh oh meeee meeeeeeeee. and i very much love your blog. you are the most unique person.
    in a good and very cool way.