Listening To The Rain And U2.

Last night was a blast, Courtney, Scott, Tasha, and Jacob went to the 'kiss my can' dance.
It was a can food item to get in. At first when we got there, there was probably 15 people.
We were not so sure how it would turn out, but man did it.
I have had the biggest urge to go dancing and last night was it. Teenage dream, Pitbull, and Bruno mars was all it took! Oh and the black light of course..
This morning I was paying for it, my legs were SO sore. Worth it.
It's been a lazy Saturday for sure. I've loved every minute of it.
Tomorrow my family is joining me for church! I can't wait!
Hope your weekend is going as well as mine.
Also, my eyes have been incredibly green this weekend! I think it's the rain.
However, I'm not in any way complaining.
Happy Saturday!

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