Excuse My Absence.

Whoa what a week. Sorry I haven't wrote in so long. Haven't had too much to say.
I'll start with this last Saturday; Didn't do much at all. Sat around the apartment, cleaned the apartment.
Watched some TV, applied at so MORE jobs, went to Manti for dinner with Emmie.
All was well. At approximately at 2:42 am I woke up and was in serious pain. A kind of pain I've never felt.
I called my parents, (thank goodness they answered) called an ambulance. Ended up at the Mount Pleasant Hospital.
IV, CT scan, hospital gown, all the good stuff, resulting in a kidney stone, some cysts, and a oddly low appendix.
Could be worse, right? I'm very blessed and grateful that my mom gave up her night's sleep to come be with me.
(I have the best mom EVER and dad)
Now I'm fine. Things are just so slow. The weeks, hours, days, everything. I need a pick me up real soon.
Oh and I did end up going to the Haunted Forest, however it was not by choice. I was indeed tricked and kid napped. It was not my idea of a fun Friday evening. However, I managed.
I miss my family a lot lately. I can't wait to see them this weekend.
And even better, next week is fall break! Ah, 4 day weekend. And Larissa should be in town by then.
Not to mention this weather we've been having lately, it's absolutely wonderful. I never want it to leave.
I would very much like to buy some books, I don't know why. I'm getting that craving again. I need to find some book stores. Fill my needs.

Happy Friday.

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