Thanks to my mom for spending time with me at Texas Roadhouse and watching CSI, giving me a some cash, and being my mom.
Thanks to Hannah for letting me join in on their family girl trip to Gardner Village and taking me to have the most wonderful cupcake ever.
Thanks to Keith for taking me out to eat, around in his mustang, and showing me how to blow zombies heads off.
Thanks to Tania for eating Wendys with me at Wines park even if the sister wives showed up to ruin the party.
Thanks to Courtney for having the same sense of humor as me so that we enjoy the same movies.
Thanks to my dad and family for loving the steelers and letting me watch the game at their house and buying me chili's.
I seriously enjoyed this weekend. And now it has to end....
Back to reality tomorrow. Do I have to?
Happy Sunday!

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  1. bahaha!
    if this was facebook, I would like this.
    haha sounds like you enjoyed yourself tons this weekend :)