I realize I haven't updated on school, at all really.
School is hard this semester.
Tests every other week, sometimes more.
Math, I'm grazing with a B average right now.
History, the first test is tomorrow. (pray for me)
Biology, got the first test score back today. Yeah, pray a lot for me.
Sociology, is interesting. I think I like that class the most.
English, my teacher is some kind of literature loving hippie. We have a presentation today, JOY.
Five classes and they're all pretty challenging.
On the bright side I haven't had to write a paper yet, I have one due on the 30th though. I should start it this weekend.
I'll at least think about starting it.
Emmie, Courtney and I have a triple date tonight.
We're all very excited.
(!!!!!) Digital excitement.
The last few days I've really missed Kaleb, Nik and Josh.
I want to see them so badly. Kaleb has only been gone for 5 months and Nik only 1 month.
This is getting really hard. At least I know that they're doing so much good for other people and the Lord.
Happy Thursday!
Oh, and guess what this Saturday is?!
My mommy dearest is going to be 40! Party? I think so...

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