Portland Bound.

Here I am, in the new Huntsman Library at Snow College.
First, I'm frustrated because my laptop wont connect to the wireless internet here for some reason.
Even the ladies at the front desks couldn't help me. Seriously? Whatever.
So that leads me to where I sit, at one of the new, fancy, ginormous, computers. (without head phones)
Second, I'm waiting for it to be 6:20 (which is in two minutes) so that I can check into my flight for tomorrow. To get boarding class A baby. 
I can't believe how fast time has gone by, I feel like it was just yesterday that I was telling my mom I wanted to fly up to see my new baby cousin. And it's happening.
Down side, I hate flying, especially alone. It's boring, scary, and uncomfortable. All things I'm practically allergic to.
I wanted to download more music today, so that I'd have something to listen to tomorrow on the plane, but obviously that isn't going to work when my laptop wont connect. Happy happy, joy joy.
(boarding pass has been printed)
I got my last paycheck from Pinnacle today. That was nice.
I wish that Subway would call me back and tell me I can have my job back. It makes zero sense that they wont hire me back. I have almost 3 whole years of experience. I really just need a job.
If they haven't given me a yes or no when I get back from Portland, I'm going on a job hunt. I made a new resume and everything. I'm gunna do the dang thang.
I dislike school already, I mean I always have but, man I just hate tests, and reading, and homework.
I'll get over it... Eventually.
I miss my brothers and sister (and Hannah) already as well. I love them a lot. And my mom too.
I miss seeing them every day, I didn't realize how good summer was till now.
I will see them hopefully tomorrow.
Well, happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. when are you seeing me?
    i sure hope so!
    i freaking miss my sister!